Wanted! Interior expert


Early 2020 I’m moving to a new and bigger studio. Happy days 🙂

And because I finally have the room to put more than just a desk and a chair in there (true story), I‘m looking for someone to help me make this room look great on film! I’m dong it all from scratch, so I want to do it all right from the get go.

Are you based in the Netherlands (preferably the area of Rotterdam) and do you think you can help me? Then I need you!

This space will function mainly as two things:

  1. Music studio. This room needs to be a functioning music studio where I can record my own music, track guitars, vocals, keys, etc. I will be playing music, mixing music, and more.
  2. Video recording studio. The room also needs to function as the main room where I will record most of my YouTube videos.

It’s the synergy of these two aspects that needs to be happening.

The acoustic treatment of the studio will be taken care of, so this job is more focused on the visual/video aspect. Think about the following: colors, lighting, furniture, and more.

I want to make the room as practical and as appealing as possible to shoot videos in, naturally without hurting the music studio aspect of the studio.

So, if you think you can ‘YouTube proof’ my studio, have experience with interior design, preferably with some experience in film and music studios, then do reach out to me! Please send a concise email with your motivation and some examples of your work to studiopauldavids@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

IMG_20190807_164821 (1)

The studio in October… Let’s hope it will see better days soon!


Studio today (work in progress!)