Paul Davids is a guitar player from the Netherlands who is running a YouTube Channel mainly about guitars. He’s been playing since he was 13, and received a bachelor’s degree in music after studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Since the start of his YouTube Channel, simply called ‘Paul Davids’, in 2015, he has generated many millions of views. At the moment he has over 1.5 million subscribers, and the numbers are growing rapidly!

His main goal is to inspire fellow guitar players all over the world and to create and play music.

However, playing the guitar is not his only activity. Paul also produces and writes his own music, which can be found on his YouTube channel as well. His videos range from guitar tutorials to music theory and from ‘Live Guitar Looping’ videos to decontructing famous songs.

“It’s a great platform to combine 3 things I really love: playing guitar, producing, and making awesome videos!”