My Guitar Courses

If you are looking into getting tutored by me, you can do so via my online guitar courses!

I’ve developed a beginner guitar course called Learn, Practice, Play,
an intermediate guitar course called Next Level Playing,
an Acoustic guitar course called Acoustic Adventure,
a guitar looping course called Loop School,
and an adventurous electric guitar course: Electric Elevation

Here’s a brief summery of what they entail


Learn, Practice, Play: Learn to play guitar over 7 core modules with 55 in-depth video lessons including PDFs with tabs, downloadable backing tracks and more!

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Next Level Playing: A strategic and fun 7-level roadmap to level up your playing with over 35 video lessons, including PDFs with tabs, downloadable backing tracks, original solos, and more!

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Acoustic Adventure: An adventurous guitar course with over 68 videos in various styles and disciplines going from fingerstyle to strumming and from flatpicking to everything in between. This is a must for the acoustic player!

Loop school: Learn guitar looping the simple way, layer by layer, with in-depth instructional videos, original loops, bonus challenges, PDFs with tabs, and more…

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Electric Elevation: For intermediate guitarists who are ready to become more advanced! Learn how to take your electric guitar playing to new heights with over 26 video lessons, downloadable backing tracks, PDFs with tabs, original songs, and more

Don’t know which course is right for you? Read all about it at the FAQ, Or click here for a video discussing the differences.