My Guitar Courses

If you are looking into getting tutored by me, you can do so via my online guitar courses!

I’ve developed a beginner guitar course called Learn, Practice, Play,
an intermediate guitar course called Next Level Playing,
an Acoustic guitar course called Acoustic Adventure,
and a guitar looping course called: Loop School

Here’s a brief summery of what they entail


Learn, Practice, Play: Learn to play guitar over 7 core modules with 55 in-depth video lessons including PDFs with tabs, downloadable backing tracks and more!

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Next Level Playing: A strategic and fun 7-level roadmap to level up your playing with over 35 video lessons, including PDFs with tabs, downloadable backing tracks, original solos, and more!

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Acoustic Adventure: An adventurous guitar course with over 68 videos in various styles and disciplines going from fingerstyle to strumming and from flatpicking to everything in between. This is a must for the acoustic player!

Loop school: Learn guitar looping the simple way, layer by layer, with in-depth instructional videos, original loops, bonus challenges, PDFs with tabs, and moreā€¦

Don’t know which course is right for you? Read all about it at the FAQ , Or click here for a video discussing the differences.